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Proposal to Congress


How you may help

Call or write you congressman, and ask him or her to sponsor a bill similar to the 2003 legislation proposed by former Pennsylvania Congressman James Greenwood, House Bill 2856.  This can be viewed on-line at, clicking on the link labeled "search bills and resolutions" under the "Legislation" heading, specifying the 108th Congress, and typing in "hr 2856" in the "Enter Search" box, and then clicking on "Search".  You can find your congressman at this same Thomas site, by clicking on "house", which will take you to the House website, where one can enter one's zip code to find one's representative.

Call or write Senator Bill Frist's office, asking him to re-introduce the trials of financial incentives for cadaveric organ donation, previously present in his 2003 legislation, Senate Bill 573.  To read the actual bill, simply type "s 573" in the same "Enter Search" box on the above-linked Thomas website, and select the "Introduced in the Senate" version (then navigate to the "Demonstration projects" section of the bill).

Call or write your U.S. senators, asking them to work with Senator Frist on the above-mentioned re-introduction of legislation authorizing the Department of Health and Human Services to conduct trials of financial incentives.  (Find them on the Senate website, by typing in your state in the appropriate box.)

This page last updated April 6, 2005