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Welcome to OrganGiving, a website where those desperately in need of organ transplants can have their information posted and thus enlarge their potential donor pool, in hopes that a suitable donor will come forward.  (If you don't have time for this, an alternative may be to go outside the U.S.)

Up to 100 needy U.S. individuals will be able to have their information posted, free of charge, on our Tracy Rost Memorial Bulletin Board, as part of a trial run. Any successes and/or failures will be documented on this site.   If this experiment with direct action is successful in saving lives in spite of the horrific public policy our legislators have enacted, I hope others will join me in maintaining a network of similar sites throughout the U.S. and around the world.

This website is dedicated to the memory of a smart, loving, and courageous woman -- Tracy Rost -- who died tragically young.  It was her hope that Congress would end its nonsensical, counterproductive ban on monetary compensation for donated organs from brain-dead individuals, and permit "rewarded gifting."  That is the proper solution to the organ shortage, as all of our transplant organ needs could be readily met this way, and we need not risk the lives of the living.

Nevertheless, until our federal and state legislators get a heart (or need one, perhaps?), the percentage of transplants that derive from living donors will continue to increase, and not everyone is lucky enough to have a family member or friend willing to risk it all.  But our nation is full of generous and loving people (click here to read some amazing and truly touching stories of such compassion).  If you are in need of an organ, you are invited to have your vital information posted here, including your blood type, Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) types (all 6 antigens), contact e-mail address, and any personal message you'd care to share with potential donors.   Hopefully, someone, somewhere, will find it in their heart to come to your rescue.

It is permissible under federal law for recipients to reimburse donors for lost wages and transportation and lodging costs incurred as a result of donating an organ.  State laws about donor compensation vary, so please check with your state Attorney General's office before making any such payments.  Payment for the organ itself is currently prohibited by both federal and state law.


The information posted on this site is intended to permit those in need of organs and those willing to donate organs to more readily contact one another.  Fraud is a criminal offense, and anyone making fraudulent claims of need or willingness to donate, i.e., with no intent to follow through, is guilty of a morally reprehensible and possibly legally actionable offense.  This is a matter of life and death.  Time is of the essense.  Please behave responsibly.


In situations like this, one rarely knows who one is dealing with, especially outside of a face-to-face meeting.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you, the recipient-hopeful, or friend thereof, energetically explore all of your local potential donor pools, such as family, friends, church, and community, and not rely solely upon the kindness of strangers.  By all means register here, but I suggest you get a temporary cell phone to handle calls, and a dedicated e-mail address that you use only for these communications.  Otherwise, you might be awakened at all hours of the night by half-crazed lunatics, and have your main e-mail account inundated by spam.

Recipient information form - please include all required (*) data. 
If you wish to have a photograph posted, please send it via separate e-mail.

*Name (last name will NOT be listed): Sex:
*Age: *Normal, healthy weight (lbs): *Blood Type:
*Organ needed:
HLA Tissue Types (give antigen #); HLA-A: HLA-B: HLA-Cw:
*Current Hospital: *Doctor:
*City: *State:
*E-mail address (WILL be listed):
Personal Statement (for a longer statement, send a separate e-mail):
Also, if you have a nice, sympathetic photo of yourself, send it along via separate e-mail.


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This site is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Tracy Rost.
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